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Topless Beauties. Part 3

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The TC was meant for fair weather driving but since it rained often in England, it is also equipped with a waterproof soft top that can be put in place quickly. However, having the top up takes away much of the fun out of driving a sports car.

When you drive a car like the TC you feel a part of it. You can hear the components at work, unlike modern cars where you are truly insulated from the machinery. You really have to ‘drive’ the car and you feel you are one with the car and the elements. You cannot hurry anything. The clutch cannot be slipped and you have to wait for the engine revs to come down before you can shift gears otherwise the cogs will grate in protest.


MG, which produced tanks during the war, introduced the TC just four months after the end of hostilities in Europe and it came as a breath of fresh air in the automotive world. It might have been low on technology but certainly scored very heavily on entertainment value and it epitomized the sense of freedom that the post-war world needed. And even to this day it is a head turner.

Gidwani bought his first TC way back in 1977 for a then high price of Rs 14,000, and his third TC in 1990 for Rs 1.50 lakh. He says he is game for another one. I wonder if he would find one now. They have become highly collectable and command premium prices.

Wordsmiths like me hardly make the kind of money that is needed to buy a TC. But, till fortune smiles on me, I will be content with an occasional drive such as this one. Because the high lingers for a long while. ‘

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