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Privacy Policy

trueautosite.com is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its user community.

Site Usage Information

trueautosite.com gathers “site usage” information from all visitors to the trueautosite.com Web site. Such data is used in the aggregate, to help determine general usage patterns and fine tune layout in order to ensure that our site is as useful and enjoyable as possible. This “site usage” and statistical information may be made public information at trueautosite.com’s discretion.

Use of Cookies

While browsing trueautosite.com, a small number of text files referred to as “cookies” may be created on your local file system by your web browser at the request of our servers. These files allow us to personalize the browsing experience for both registered and non-registered users. You are free to delete them at any time, or configure your browser not to create them. However, we do not promise that every feature of trueautosite.com will function as expected without cookies enabled. Cookies allow us to tailor our Web site to better match your interests and preferences and optionally provide automatic member login. With most Internet Browsers, you can erase Cookies from your computer hard drive, block all Cookies, or receive a warning before a Cookie is stored. Please refer to your Browser instructions or help screen to learn more about it.

Individual User Information

trueautosite.com will collect personal information if you choose to become a trueautosite.com member. The personal information we collect includes your name, e-mail, and/or work phone, work or home address, company or organization name. We do not share neither e-mail addresses nor individually identifiable information with any third parties.

Contact us

trueautosite.com is a community website based on the images uploaded by the users. All content available on the website has been uploaded by the users. However we strongly discourages use of objectionable content on trueautosite.com and remove it as soon as we find about it. The wallpapers and images are collected from multiple sources which offer free and non-objectable access to their content. Despite that if you find any image which you believe is your property and has been mistakenly published at trueautosite.com, please contact us.