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Perfect drawn cars

I can get lost in the reflections of beautiful cars when they stop at traffic lights

While Cheryl’s Kelley childhood friends were playing on playground, she was collecting car models of famous brand “Hot Wheels”. Since then her passion for cars became even more strong.

The only thing Cheryl loves as much as cars is drawning. So she combined two of this hobbies and started to draw ultrarealistic car pictures.

Cheryl uses oil paints and aluminum sheets to maximize the realism and the “gloss”.

She draws mostly American Muscle Cars of 1960-1970 years.

We collected her 26 most beautiful works. Enjoy.

BuickCadillac Chevrolet Corvette Delahaye Ferrari Gatsby Hemi Cuda Jaguar Orange Cadillac Red Cadillac Red Impala Red Packard Vintage Chrysler Yellow Delahaye 1544355-R3L8T8D-600-17 1544505-R3L8T8D-650-9 1544105-R3L8T8D-650-1 1548705-R3L8T8D-650-firstth0909a07 9-realistic-car-painting-by-cheryl-kelley 57 Chevy 59 Edsel 396 1940 Packard 1543955-R3L8T8D-600-3 Blue Chevy Blue Delahaye


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