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Mercury Cougar Crash Test


Mercury Cougar is a type of pony car, personal luxury car, and sport compact car produced by an American automobile manufacturer, Ford Motor Company, since 1967. The production of this model was ended in 2002. It was later replaced by Mercury Marquis. During its production period, the company has released eight generations of Mercury Cougar to the market.

The first generation of Mercury Cougar was released in 1967-1970. The second generation was released in 1971-1973. The third generation was released in 1974-1976. The fourth generation was released in 1977-1979. The fifth generation was released in 1980-1982. The sixth generation was released in 1983-1988. The seventh generation was released in 1989-1997. The eighth generation was released in 1999-2002.

The latest generation of Mercury Cougar also called Ford Cougar is a type of sport compact car with 2-door coupe body style. It has the front transverse engine and front-wheel drive layout. It was built based on the Ford CDW27 platform. It features 2.0 liters Zetec I4 gasoline engine and 2.5 liters Duratec V6 gasoline engine. It uses 5-speed MTX-75 manual and 4-speed CD4E automatic transmission system. It has 106 inches wheelbase, with 185 inches length, 69 inches width, 52 inches height, and 1312 kilograms curb weight.


Safety Features

There are various safety features embedded into the body of the vehicle to ensure the maximum safety for the driver and the passengers during their journey with the car.

Some basic safety features that are available in this model are driver and front passenger frontal airbags, seat-mounted side impact airbags for driver and passengers, ABS and driveline traction control, front height adjustable safety belts, halogen headlights, Illuminated entry, keyfob remote keyless entry for all doors, panic alarm, power door locks with 2-stage unlock, SECURILock ignition disable, and theft deterrent radio.


Crash Test Safety Rating

According to National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Mercury Cougar has received 3 stars safety rating for the side impact on the front occupant side and 3 stars safety rating for the side impact on the rear occupant side.

Safety Recalls

There were three safety recalls recorded for the Mercury Cougar model. The recalls were made by the company due to the problems found in the vehicle that may potentially affect the safety performance of the vehicle.

  1. The first recall was made on August 30, 2004. The problem was found in the gasoline fuel system, and there were 88600 units of Mercury Cougar affected by this recall. The problem lies in the Fuel Delivery Module, which may prevent the flow of the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine system of the vehicle. This may potentially cause the engine to stall immediately, and it may potentially cause a crash.
  2. The second recall was made on March 16, 2006. The problem was found in the hydraulic service brakes, and there were 7440 units of Mercury Cougar affected by this recall. The problem lies in the internal seal of the master cylinder brake which may lose its flexibility under the very cold temperature. If this happens, the brake fluid may leak, and the braking system may not work properly. This might further result in a crash.
  3. The third recall was made on April 14, 2008. The problem was found in the suspension system, and there were 6903 units of Mercury Cougar affected by this recall. The problem lies in the ball joint assemblies, which may have come with incorrect nuts. If the problem were left unfixed, the incorrect nuts may not work properly for the ball joint assemblies, and may suddenly become loose. When it happens, the ball joint will break, and it may lead to the loss of vehicle control which may further cause a crash.

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