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Here is the hydrogen powered car from Toyota


Arguably Toyota is the company who took hybrid cars into the mainstream with its Prius. Now they are planning is bring hydrogen powdered fuel car by 2015. However, the plan involves fuel cell car react storing hydrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere for generating electricity. The other only product from the reaction is water, thus water vapor is hydrogen fuel cell emission only.

In turn electricity powers electric motors. The experience of driving of Toyota fuel-cell car is going to be the same ballpark as the existing battery electric car which is already on the sale like BMW i3, Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf and others. The big difference, when compared to all those electric cars, is the time needed for refueling or recharging and once the range topped up. A battery electric car takes 10 hours and more. At the best everyone looks typically for a minimum of 1 hour for full charging. As for range, the Most EVs conk out little over of 100miles. The Toyota fuel cell car is good about to give 300miles.


The 300 miles and its quick refueling all are very good but what about the refueling stations that offer hydrogen fuel. It will take years to have service stations with a hydrogen dispenser. The other major problem while shared with battery electric cars is where does this energy will come? It needs plenty of power for producing hydrogen by the method of electrolysis.

The launching is said to be by 2015 since Toyota started its making with this technology from 1992, so it is almost 20 years over. The much effort went for squeezing fuel cell Gibbons down to a practical proportion. Recently Toyota said the technological advancement and reduced price made it possible offering the new fuel-cell car in a greater volume at a reasonable price.


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