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About us

About TrueAutoSite

Being one of the best wallpapers providers of the industry, TrueAutoSite gives free access to download your favorite wallpapers. There are thousands of wallpapers to choose from on TrueAutoSite and we have categorized every single one of them for our users’ convenience. Whether you need wallpapers for laptop, PC, Mac, smartphone or any gadget, download them absolutely free from TrueAutoSite.

What We Do

Our empirical lifestyle daily brings you timely and updated digital content to help you get on what you want, need and wish for every day. From helping you with looking cool in fashion, beauty and lifestyle to befitting an expert in wallpapers collection, TrueAutoSite is the only online provider which delivers it all under the same hood. The hottest click and the top images from thousands of wallpapers—to make your life richer.

Our Team

What makes us different? Our dedicated team of experts is always burning constant toil to fulfill the wallpaper needs of our users. Our team is passionate to provide our customers what they wish for. We use sophisticated tools to find the wallpaper needs of our users and we put our heart and soul in making up to their expectations. TrueAutoSite does not sell any wallpapers but we guarantee free downloads of all wallpapers available to us. Our team cuts through the clutter, offering you a daily dose of fresh content, trending topics and best wallpapers.

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