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1991 Lotus Elan

1991 Lotus Elan1991 Lotus Elan1991 Lotus Elan1991 Lotus Elan1991 Lotus Elan1991 Lotus Elan
Elan SE
Sold in Europe 1990-1991
Doors 2
Seats 2
Engine place F
Drivetrain F
Engine L4
Displacement cm 1588
Power ps 167
Torque nm 200
Tire size N/A
Wheel base mm N/A
Length mm N/A
Width mm N/A
Height mm N/A
Curb weight kg N/A
Gross weight_kg N/A
Cargo space litres N/A
0-100 kmph sec 7,7
Max speed kmh 220
Fuel eff l 100km 8,8
Fuel type B

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